Exploring The Woods Naked

Many of us have separated ourselves, at least once, from the movements and sounds and comings and goings of community life- and have done so naked in untouched nature. Whether it be hiking, swimming in a creek, climbing trees or whatever- share your experiences in the woods and forest while naked. I'll take a ceiling of trees over the ceiling of a building on any sunny day!

Douthat State Park, VA / 3-Day BACKPACK / June 20-22, 2021

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Organized by Naturist Men's Backpacking Meetup
At the Southern edge of George Washington National Forest in the great state of Virginia, we will hike from Douthat State Park up to the peak of Beards Mountain. The second day of the hike, WORLD NAKED HIKING DAY, we will enjoy the cool water of the Cowpasture River, and trek back up the mountain to camp somewhere on the Beards Mountain trail (TBD). On Day 3 the final leg of the hike will take us back to Douthat.
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