Flip Flop Nudists!!

Just a group for Nudists who love to wear flip flops! Clothed or Naked, Flip flops are Best!!

Favorite Flip Flops?

First of all, as my name says I love being naked wearing flip flops. I just love flip flops and love to see feet in them. What is your favorite brand? Mine is Havaianas.

flip flops vs sandals

flip flops vs sandals i think there is a difference am i wrong ? to me a flip flop is those cheap ..99 cent pad with the V and the thong going between your toes and when you walk you hear flip flop flip flop . a sandal weather with a backstrap or...

New member

a proud nudist embracing, body acceptance, and the beauty of living clothes-free. Join me in celebrating our authentic selves and the joy of experiencing life naturally. Just recently joined this community not good with the interface of the site but...

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Are Crocs ok here?

Usually, when I am walking outdoors and going more than a few feet I prefer Crocs to flip flops. Flip flops are great for when you are just hanging out and maybe walking a very short distance. But when I was hanging out at nude campgrounds I...

funny flip flop stories

i'm sure we all have funny flip flop stories about ourselves or what we observe with other nudist and sure i guess i've seen funny stuff in the textile world but nude takes it to another level !