For people with any kind of foreskin, admirers and curious about it, this is your group to discuss, expose or enjoy those foreskins! It doesn't matter if it's original or restored foreskins, if you are proud of that, share it with us!

What went wrong with the foreskin?

I had a serious condition in my foreskin and glans in the begining of this year. I had a very strong infestation by candida albicans, a fungus very common all over our body. It didn't happen before... My urologist gave me the receipt to some...

Uncut leakage

Idk if this is an uncircumcised issue or weak kegal or prostate situation. Lately when I pull my long foreskin back to pee . I pee, then shake it good when I finish . I Pull my foreskin back & forth over the head a few times to get every drop out ....

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by slyone9876 
Pain & pleasure

Isk if it's just me or does anyone else have this feeling. I had a several fwb that would give me amazing fellatio. They would suck me dry & while I'm ejaculating , they will keep sucking nonstop until I get soft again . But cock get so...

Snapchat group?

Would love to make a snap group for us uncut guys. Shoot me a DM if you wanna join!

Looking to chat with other uncut guys

Hey all, uncut indian guy here looking to chat with other uncut guys. DM to chat!

Sensitive or not

I won't be able to answer, I am uncut with a rather large foreskin (the head is still inside even when erect) and I love it, it would be a very difficult decision if I had to decide to get the snip. Unfortunately some boys were not teached how...

How does it feel to be uncut?

I'm not sure anyone who is uncut can explain this in simple words. I do know that because of being uncut, the sensitivity of the head of my penis is very high. I had a close friend once who loved looking at and touching my foreskin (needless to...

Frenulum issues.

Hello. Anyone here have an issue with their frenum (the tissue that connects the foreskin to their head? Specifically on the underside. My foreskin covers me completely and when hard I can pull it back no issues but sometimes during sex especially...

Long forskin

Long foreskin here, fully retracts , love curios guys having a look, am in melb Australia if you wanna get in touch.

have you ever been curious

i was cut at birth i've always been curious what my penis would have looked like if the hadn't cut- snipped me , i wonder who as who also been cut-snipped at birth has also wondered the same about they're penis.