For people with any kind of foreskin, admirers and curious about it, this is your group to discuss, expose or enjoy those foreskins! It doesn't matter if it's original or restored foreskins, if you are proud of that, share it with us!

Sensitive or not

I won't be able to answer, I am uncut with a rather large foreskin (the head is still inside even when erect) and I love it, it would be a very difficult decision if I had to decide to get the snip. Unfortunately some boys were not teached how...

How does it feel to be uncut?

I'm not sure anyone who is uncut can explain this in simple words. I do know that because of being uncut, the sensitivity of the head of my penis is very high. I had a close friend once who loved looking at and touching my foreskin (needless to...

Tight foreskin

I have a longish foreskin which fully retracts but it's a little bit tight which means when I masturbate it doesn't slide back and forth as easily as other guys I've seen. It can also get stuck behind the rim of my cock head if I pull it...

Any good foreskins groups on snap or skype?

Would love to be added. Uncut indian dude who loves to chat! Hit me up for snapchat or Skype handle!

Latest Post
Uncut, but clean!

Just a matter of "keep it clean!" If you have an uncut penis and want to show a nice and healthy foreskin, everytime you urinate, wash it and dry it!!!

What went wrong with the foreskin?

I had a serious condition in my foreskin and glans in the begining of this year. I had a very strong infestation by candida albicans, a fungus very common all over our body. It didn't happen before... My urologist gave me the receipt to some...

have you ever been curious

i was cut at birth i've always been curious what my penis would have looked like if the hadn't cut- snipped me , i wonder who as who also been cut-snipped at birth has also wondered the same about they're penis.

Natural !

I just think that if Mother Nature gave us a foreskin, it's because there's a reason!

Baby hygiene

Hey all I'm having a son and I'm not going to get him cut like me but that means I know a lot less on how to take care of his skin from that young. Was there anything you know from having foreskin or having kids that you can share so I can...


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