Free Style Nudity

A group for those who want to be nude on their own terms - without the hassles and rules of organised and commercialised nudism and naturism. It is a forum for discussion and exchange of information, with the aim of allowing more people to "do it their own way".Photos are allowed so please add lots of them - they make for a lively group. For confidentiality I have set it so that only...

A special thread meant for Pamela 's...

Hi Guys,a lot of us here are fond of Pamela's pictures : i thought why not start a thread exclusively meant for HER pictures ? With a prayer on my lips and keeping my fingers crossed i wish she responds positively to this particular request . Any...


The Official Members' Photo Thread of the Free Style Nudity Group I am very grateful to lovelyfoxes for the suggestion to have a thread dedicated to photos from group members. Those of you who have been around a bit will have noticed that the TN...

Latest PostThis ok Pam?
by Squiggley63 
Smooth or full bush ? what's your...

i have been inspired to create this thread here after i have seen a similar post in another group . So which is your preferred way ...being smooth or natural ? ..My case for a variety of reasons ..prefer a full bush

My Club Studio Squatting Shot - full size for...

I always try to respond to polite requests like this one from Jay: nice your latest frontal pic posted on yoru wall ...wish you upload it in one of the threads opened in our group ... hugs and kisses Jay Hope you enjoy it - please report back!...

About Bulges ???

Hi GuysFirst of all i wish you all a very happy new ( nude ) year 2018 ...hoping it would bring all kinds of things positive for all of us !As a bisex i appreciate both female and male bodies , they are both wonderful to watch and admire . I just...

happy 4th of July everyone!

Lake Powell Nudists would like to wish everyone a fun 4th of July! Hope everyone is having some naked fun in the sun!! From: Lake Powell Nudists!!!

My Idea of Party Wear

Well, one of my ideas about party wear, anyway! I made this g-string because I couldn't find anywhere to buy one. It took several goes to perfect the design and fit, each time reducing the amount of fabric quite substantially. It was (still is!)...

Nude week at Lake Powell!

Lake Powell Nude boating and camping trip 23-29July. Is anyone else planning to b at Lake Powell during that time?

Latest Post
What started it for you?

I think for me it was being born without any clothes on.Seemed OK to me, and I never quite got over it.Pamela

A Cautious Celebration!

Try the following link - it seems we may be bale to post images in discussions once more: Pamela all slippery! Pamela

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