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Visible Penis Outline

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When choosing pants do you go for something you know will allow your penis outline to show? I love wearing gym shorts and knowing if people are looking for it, they can definitely see the size and shape of my package. (Not the biggest either) generally not too provocative for public but has happened accidentally.

For instance, my in laws are coming soon and Im going to wear athletic pants that dont leave anything to the imagination just to see if they or my wife say anything. I do believe her mother is more open with nakedness than most just havent been able to prove it

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RE:Visible Penis Outline

Used to work in a warehouse a while ago and during the summer months I'd wear shorts. Also I used to climb ladders for access to some of the higher shelving. One of the office ladies would make a point of standing at the base of the ladder, as I went about my high rise business. She must have enjoyed the view as I never wore underwear all the time I worked there.

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