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Why Locker Room Nudity is Dying?

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Interesting Article....


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RE:Why Locker Room Nudity is Dying?

Although that article is good, it neglects the history behind nude swimming and why that changed.

History of Nude Swimming

Until the sixties, men and boys were required to swim nude in most pools. In 1965, YMCA pools went from nudity required to clothing-optional. Many high schools continued to required boys to swim nude into the mid-70s -- a few into the mid-80s.

Men and boys had almost universally swum nude up to that point. Men and boys did not wear clothing when swimming in a local stream, pond, or lake. Additionally, the military draft was mandatory until 1973. In the military, men lived in close quarters, changed clothing, and showered with each other.

Thus, any guy who completed high school before the mid-80s was extremely likely to be totally comfortable with being nude around other men.

Someone who was 18 in 1985 would be 54 today.

By 1995, most schools and stopped requiring boys to change clothing for PE, and certainly there was no showing. 18 in 1995 would make you 44 today.

Except for nudists:
If you're at least 54 years old, you likely think nothing of being nude in a men's locker room.
If you're younger than 44, you probably gasp at the idea of being nude around other men.

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RE:Why Locker Room Nudity is Dying?

Locker room nudity is dying because boys today are overwhelmed with body shame.

When I say boys, I'm referring to anyone who is under about 45 who did not overcome their body shame through normal and natural exposure to nudity in men's locker rooms. Not "boys" by age or physical maturity, but rather by stunted emotional maturity. Those who still are possessed of a childish mindset when it comes to their own bodies and the bodies of others. "OMG! Some man might see my pee pee."

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