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Sleep-Over G0YDAR Maneuver

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The G0YDAR Maneuver

SO....You're in bed with your buddy. It's platonically casual.
How do you find out if he's open to getting his nuts emptied without blowing your "cover"?
Use The G0YDAR Maneuver. Yeah: "The G0YDAR Maneuver":


You're friends
He's very comfortable being touched by you (massage, etc.)
You're both mostly undressed already
You have probably never discussed same-gender sexual feelings (although not as true now as it once was).
Your suspicions tell you he'd do more, but if you're wrong it could be bad...

He needs to be on his back.
You need to pretend to go to sleep before he does.
Deepen your breathing
Snore very lightly - just occasionally
Occasionally mumble softly something gibberish
While on your side facing him, slide your arm across him.
Make it seem like you are doing this in your sleep.
If he lets you rest it on top of him, - that's a good sign.
Wait two or three minutes.
Use this time to listen to his breathing.
If it gets deeper/faster - that's another good sign.
Cuddle into him lightly
At the same time, lower your arm so that your hand is across him & near his underwear waistline.
Correctly done, this move will also place your inner arm across his crotch.
The goal is to feel the bulge of his cock/balls under your arm.
Wait another few minutes to gauge his response.
If he seems to "fall asleep", that could be a good sign.
If you feel his erection begin to grow under your arm - that's great.
Cuddle into him lightly again as if you're sleeping deeper.
At the same time, move your arm slightly so that your fingers loosely snag his waistband.
The location you want to gently hook is as far onto his back as you can reach without being obvious.
At this point, you should have your arm across & around him with your fingers gently snagged close to the spine side of his briefs.
Wait about a minute or two.
Monitor his reactions. If he is "playing along: - pretending to be asleep - that's a good sign.
If he has sex on his mind, he probably has an erection forming & is breathing deeper with a faster pulse.
Your goal is to get him to lift his hips.
Some guys need a hint. Gently, but firmly apply some downward force on his waistband at your fingers.
Not much - just enough to convey to a guy who is awake that you want to remove his shorts, -but
Not so much that you pull them down beyond a few centimeters... It needs to seem like you're asleep.
Wait a few minutes while holding this position, BUT:
If he lifts his waist in a way that would make it easier to remove his briefs, - THAT is your cue! Do it!
If he doesn't respond - apply just a little more tug on his shorts. He may need to get the hint.
You can hold this position for a while. He may be debating in his mind what to do. Let his erection talk to him.
This maneuver is started in such a way so as you can always pretend you are/were sleeping.
If, for some reason he objects to your body position - you can pretend to awaken & groggily apologize for crowding him.
If that happens, simply pretend to be exhausted. Some guys are shy. You may need to try several attempts over time.
However, if he lifts his hips to allow you to remove his briefs,
- he knows that if you're sleeping - you won't get the signal - so he's safe if he's misunderstood your 'message'.
- you'll know that he wants to get naked so accommodating him outs you both at the same time -Safely. See:
Your gentle snag on his waistband could be excused as something done in your sleep.
BUT - when he lifts his waist to allow removal of his shorts - that is a CLEAR SIGNAL.
But, he knows that IF you're really sleeping you won't even know he's signaling back which means he's not outing himself.
Once his underwear are off, take yours off & any other clothes you are wearing. And help him out of any more of his.
Some guys don't know what to do once naked.
It helps to plan in advance. Most guys love FR0T.
FR0T is done face to face, pecs to pecs, balls to balls one guy on top of the other.
Take your time. Enjoy the ride. Make love s l o w l y ....
Education Fast-Track:
Part of educating a guy about being a g0y is to make some simple observations to show him how harmless being with another guy physically really is:

A) It's all skin, Bro. Whether face, feet or foreskin, -- it's all just skin on skin.
B) Nothing I haven't got; Nothing I haven't done. Basically: I'm a guy with a dick & I know how to make it happy.
C) News Flash: Jacking-off is sex with someone the same gender as you - that you trust intimately. Hello!
D) It's not gAy ... nobody got arse-phucked. That shit doesn't even enter my mind!
E) Do you think I'd ever do anything to hurt you or your reputation Bro? I luv ya: Trust, eh?
F) Guys love to cum & I kinda like watch'n ya lose control. ...Not a big deal. (Combine with B above)
G) It's kewl ... a guy thing. N0T gAy ... "G0Y"! It's total respect bro. You trust me, right? Relax.
H) It's a sad day when people routinely get closer to animals than they do their friends. Roll over Rover.

And keep in mind: These are not techniques to seduce str8-guys (Kinsey-0's). This is "verbal sparring" to relax a g0y who may be confused about what he's feeling & the stigmas he feels attached to male/male bonding because of negative "gAy" press.

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