For all of us we love the southest point of Greece,,,the southest point of Europe...One of the best nudists places worldwide...

Who else has been to Gavdos?

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The last time we went to Gavdos we spent a week nude camping on Gavdos about 10 years ago, we'd been there about 5 years before as well. There were quite a few other people camping there, most were also nudists but not everyone was. There was a good, friendly and laid back atmosphere there. We went to the shops every few days and bought enough to eat and drink for 2-3 days and then spent a few days nude and relaxed with the new friends we'd made. It was a good week and Gavdos was a great place to be as nudists, we could walk naked along the coast and along a few inland paths, it was a simple holiday but perfect for a very relaxed naked week.
Has anyone else been there recently? Is Gavdos still popular for nudists? Or are you still thinking about going there for the first time to enjoy peaceful nude times there.

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RE: Who else has been to Gavdos?

Anyone visited recently?
The idea of a nudist break on Gavdos this year is very appealing while we're in the depths of winter currently. It might be basic camping but I've enjoyed visits here before, stocking up on food and drink every few days and spending the rest of the time naked 24/7 with like-minded people, very relaxing and chilled out.

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RE:Who else has been to Gavdos?

just till 3 weeks ago for 1 month. Before and after I enjoyed naked Sougia (Crete) for several days.

It was great to camp out nude at Ai Ionnais. I moved several times to optimize the setup ;)

You can do everything entirely without clothing, it is always pleasantly warm. Except doing purchases in the local store, For this I'm carrying a lightweight bathing short in the shopping net. The real hippies are wearing very thin shawls (no real sarongs) for the non-naked zone.

If you are into eremitage and fit to carry your things and water you need, you can camp out of the crowd in the wood. Very scenic.

When the storm came, the faint-hearted escaped with the last ferry (ferry are always problem), the remaining users on the beach were swept away from sudden strong torrents, which cut out small and large sand canyons within minutes. Most greek campers do not have weatherproof equipment like me, but they sleep open to the skys. I heard, it hadn't rained on Gavdos like that for two years.
I moved 1 day before the great thunderstorm to a safe place in the wood :-)
Luckily I didn't move the Lavrakas before, cause it seems too much work for me with my extra heavy baggage and a bicycle.
The path was severely damaged by the water, hower it was passable with luggage in small portions.

However, I enjoyed Gavdos very much, this is the kind of nudism I'm into.

Unfortunately it is unpossible to attach large photos in the post :(

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