Goodland Country Club, NJ

Just setting up a group to see if any of the truenudist members are also members of Goodlands....

First time at Goodland

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Hi! I am going to check out Goodland on Sunday, May 28. Anything I should know? Anybody in this group planning to be there? I understand it is opening weekend for the season. Looking forward to it. Art from LI

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RE:First time at Goodland

I am planning to go on Memorial Day. I have a few friends I am meeting there for the day. I plan to go back on that Friday. I have that day off from work and it looks like its going to be a nice hot day. But we will see when next Friday comes around. We will probably be hanging around the picnic area or by the pool. Stop by and say hello. I will be wearing my NJ Devils cap and nothing else.

Have a great time on Sunday, unless you want to wait until Monday or that Friday to check out the place. I will be there both days.

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