Group Hugs

It doesn't have to be a group hug. This group is for anyone who loves a good hug.

After naked yoga

Over the course of about 7 years I had the good fortune to attend weekly yoga classes that were for men and were done nude. The teacher was excellent, and I would still be going if they had not had to change locations, and because he eventually...

Looking for naked friends

A hug (obviously naked) to everyone. I'm Andrea from Italy and I'm looking for nudist friends to talk to. Anyone can visit my profile to get to know me better through texts and photos. I will be happy to accept any request for friendship and...


I think this must be the most natural therapy one could ever get, for any emotional state. Skin to skin contact was proven to have medicinal and psychiatric healing powers. And if it could be from a group of nudists, I'm sure that one will be...

naked hug

We always start our 4 hand couples massage with each of us having a naked hug then the four of us together - it then makes the massage very special and relaxing - my lady friend met my 48 year old son for the first time in her hot tub and she gave...

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Love naked hugs

The only thing better than a hug is a naked hug. If you don't believe me try it. Anyone out there up for a naked group hugggggggs.

Group Hugs are OK

I think group hugs are ok, but what I really like are full-body contact skin-to-skin hugs. I also enjoy the ancient roman custom of cupping. Two men each stand slightly to the right of the other man. Skin-to-skin contact, Each man puts his left arm...

Naked friendships

Good day everyone. I'm Andrea from Italy, if anyone wants to know something about me they just have to visit my profile where they can find extensive information and several photos. Personally, I feel no shame for my total nakedness and showing...

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Naked Hug

My friend Bob introduced me to naturism. I was apprehensive, afraid of the boner lol Once I let go of my apprehension, I enjoyed the naked hug for what it is. So nice to feel a warm body, it is intimate, and personal, and empathetic, and love. Boner...

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by tattedman65 
A warm welcome

Like many other nudists we do enjoy giving and receiving naked hugs from all of the nudist friends we meet up with. Along with putting our arms around nudist couples we befriend while taking pictures, they both are sincere ways to show each other...

Good Hugs

So back in high school and even today I have always been told I give good hugs, making others feel warm and was a surprise to me because then and now I didnt know there was such a thing as a bad hug. I am always open to give out a...

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