Group Showers

A group for those that like to shower with others to enjoy the beauty of the body.

Open showers

My gf and I went to Cap D'Agde many years ago and I was shocked and delighted to find that the showers were open and there was a queue of people waiting at each cubicle. So we each took a turn one the shower. I must say it is the most enjoyable...

I need new friends

Hello everyone on here, I'm new on this site, I would love to meet new people,on here I'm. Fun to chat with too..... Add me up on Google chat here is my Gmail address

My group shower story

I've only been a part of one group shower. I met a guy online and we hit it off pretty well. We had a lot in common. He and 3 other guys were getting together for a group shower and I was invited. I jumped at the chance. I had never had a group...

Gym Showers!

Love heading into the group showers at my gym. Usually the only woman there but hey there are no signs on gender allowed. I take full advantage of the fact. So much nicer water pressure. Perfect shower after a hard workout!!

Who is like travel to sri lanka....

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Surprise AZ group showers

Hello. I've been a solo nudist since I was 15. I would love to meet other nudists in a group shower. Anyone in Surprise AZ planning one?

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I enjoy sharing a shower, soaping and washing each other with bare hands.

Shower time

I always had a fantasy of walking in a communal shower and finding out it was mixed sex.

Utah showers

I would love to find some nudist to share a shower with in utah

Anyone in Kent interested in this topic?

Just wanted to know if there is anyone in the Kent area who might be interested in this? I have not had the opportunity since I was at school when communal showers were common.