Gunnison Beach Nudists

You must go to Gunnison Beach and now you must have a picture of you at Gunnison Beach posted in this group.

First warm Beach Day of the Season 4/28/21

Howdy Gunny Goers - Wednesday 4/26 looks to be the first warm day of the season. Playing hookie from work and hitting the beach this Wednesday. Anyone else gonna be there?

Island Spa in Edison, NJ

Island Spa in Edison, NJ Has anyone in this group has been here? The have a coed everything kind of areas. The wet area is segregated by sex. Different jacuzzis. I tend to be shy to make friends there. May be easier to find someone with chemistry...

Hello - nice day tomorrow (March 11)

Anyone heading for some late winter sun... let me know. I am heading down to explore Ft Hancock - and may stop for a visit.. stephen


Upper 70*s and sunny tomorrow - anyone going ? Those kind of days are getting fewer and farther between.

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I have heard from Gunnison regulars that lifeguards sometimes take off their suits and sun and swim when they are off duty. Has anyone here ever seen this?

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Gunnison 9/14

Went to Gunnison yesterday. Generally good day. Not crowded, pleasant temperature on beach and in water. A little windy and rough water but not badd. Saw a man walking to the beach wearing a jacket above the waist and only a g-string below. Strange...

Labor Day Already ?

So summer 2020 is almost (unofficially) over - what a crappy year it's been but hope to get to Gunnison this weekend and a few more times before the flu season....I mean Fall returns. Hope everyone is well and stays that way,

Tuesday 9/8

Anyone thinking of going tomorrow, after the labor day crowds have left?

Friday Sept 4

[m 42 philly] taking Friday off to hit the beach and get some sun before the weekend rush. Anyone else planning to be there? Hit me up.

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