Gunnison Beach Nudists

You must go to Gunnison Beach and now you must have a picture of you at Gunnison Beach posted in this group.

International Skinny Dip Day 7/13

International Skinny Dip Day at Gunnison Beach on Saturday 7/13! Details from Decent Exposure group: Gunnison Beach joins locations around the world on International Skinny Dip Day. This is an event we help with every year to raise money for the...

June 1 and 2

Went this weekend was very nice weather and a great crowd all day

Weekend Afternoons

Hey, So, I understand you need to arrive early on the weekends to find decent parking. But do you think I would be taking a risk if I went around like 2ish in the afternoon as the morning crowd leaves? Or does it not get as crowded during that time?...

Visit today 5/21

Going to try to get to Gunnison today early afternoon for a few hours. Anyone else going to be there feel free to say hi!

Be my naked friend

Hello my name is Ashley I'd love to meet in person for fun if you are interested message me on goggle chat here........

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Gunnison, 10/4

Went to Gunnison yesterday. Great day. Pleasant temperatures. Not crowded or empty. Water a little cool and rough but still managed to get in. Drove to and from the beach with the top down on my convertible in a swim brief. Path was flooded just out...

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10/2 visit

Well it took me until 10/2 but the weather dogs have given me 78 and sunny and work gave me an assignment at Princeton so I am making the trek 11 days into fall. Anyone else?

Daily fee collection

I haven't been up yet this summer but was planning sometime in the next two weeks. I read that they now check for a parking pass on your dash in all the parking lots. I live about an hour and 45 minutes away and usually try to time it to get...

Gunnison 9/12

Went today, Good day, light traffic, pleasant temperature, reasonably warm weather. More people than I would have expected on a September weekday. Stayed inside the sandbar because of rip current warning,