Gunnison Beach

For people who go, are going, want to go, will go, have gone, went to Gunnison Beach. Organize meetups and other Gunnison-related stuff.

Went to Gunnison yesterday. Very good day. Ideal air temperature, light breeze, busy but not crowded. Water cooler than expected but tolerable. Revised signage around outdoor showers area clarifying that it is not in the clothing optional zone. One would expect that everyone would know you shouldn't be nude in view of a busy road, but I have seen a very few people over the years who were showering nude.
As usual, most of the men were wearing shorts in addition to shirts between the parking lot and the beach. Still seems odd to me. Why wear more than necessary when you are going to be nude when you get there. At the other extreme, I saw one man walking to the beach wearing only a very brief swimsuit with a semi-sheer rear.

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