Gunnison Beach

For people who go, are going, want to go, will go, have gone, went to Gunnison Beach. Organize meetups and other Gunnison-related stuff.

Tomorrow, Thursday, 6/15

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Made a last-minute decision to go to Gunnison tomorrow, Thursday, 6/15.
I will set up near the unused lifeguard stand.
If you would like to see a picture of me to link a face to my name, I am the person on the far left of the picture on the left at the bottom of page 1.

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RE:Tomorrow, Thursday, 6/15

Good day for Gunnison.
No traffic problems. moderate winds. pleasant temperatures, some clouds but no rain.
Some people there but not at all crowded.
Water was chilly but usually is in June.
While most people were fully dressed between the parking lot and the beach, I saw a few others beside me in minimal swimwear.
Also saw a few others who took advantage of the missing clothing required sign to head up the path until they were getting close to being in site of the road.
Saw one man walking toward the rest rooms and road nude carrying only a cellphone. Don't know where he intended to go.

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