Gunnison Beach

For people who go, are going, want to go, will go, have gone, went to Gunnison Beach. Organize meetups and other Gunnison-related stuff.

First day this season

went to Gunnison beach this past Wednesday and really enjoyed being naked at the beach again. I got there early, around 6:30 and no one was manning the entrance booths so just sailed in. Was cloudy at first but then the sun came out and it was a...

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looking for people to meet up with at the...

Im looking for a group of people of go with or meet with on the beach this summer . Males , females , couples doesn't matter just looking for friends . if anybody willing to do so reply to the thread please .

Off Duty

A friend of my who used to go to Gunnison a lot mentioned that he at times saw off dut lifeguards and rangers sunning and swimming nude. Has anyone else seen this?

Under endowed guys.

Being an under endowed guy I would love to get a group together this summer at Gunnison. It would be great to get a few of us smaller guys in a group where we can feel normal without shame and be able to say F@(K It this is us and we dont care. I...

Planning ahead!

We are planning trip to the beach this summer! First time for wife at nude beach. I have been to Blacks beach before and we have both been to "the Woods"...hoping to get some tips and hints from regulars there. Sounds like getting there...

Polar Bare Plunge??

Anybody know if the Polar Bare Plunges are still happening? Traditionally, they were the first Sunday in January.

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Gunnison 10/2

Anyone go today? I wanted to but had to much to do at home.

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Today 9/27

Just got back from Gunnison. Wish I could of stayed, forgot sunscreen. What a great day.

Gunny beach today 9/26/2019

Planning on going to gunny today, one of the last few days going up to 80+. Anyone interested in joining. Plan on getting there around 12:30-1 pm

Today, 8/27

Leaving for Gunnion in about a half hour. Weather sounds passible, but not ideal. This has not been a good summer for me to get to the beach, so I want to take the opportunity before the season ends.