Gunnison Beach

For people who go, are going, want to go, will go, have gone, went to Gunnison Beach. Organize meetups and other Gunnison-related stuff.

Planning on going.
Will set up near the abandoned lifeguard stand.
Hope some of you can join me.

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RE:Friday, July 7

Good day. Beach was a little warm and water a little cool, but neither were extreme. Busy but not crowded. Saw fewer men wearing shirts on the trail, possibly because of the heat.
Saw more men on the trail in swim briefs and a very few in gstrings.
Not bold enough myself to cross a busy road with so little coverage.

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RE:Friday, July 7

Went again yesterday hoping to meet someone but it didn't work out.
Similar overall to Friday.
Still wondering if the increased number of shirtless men on the trail an ongoing change or a result of the very hot weather.

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