Guys Who Wear Briefs

guys who love to wear briefs instead of boxers

Which hand to pull down your undies?

Previous topic was about using the fly when peeing, and it seems that most people pull out their undies to pee. Do you use your dominant hand to hold onto your undies and non-dominant your cock when you pee? Thats what I usually do, without thinking...


If ur from the baby boomers generation...u will like tw Calvin Klein made them popular again in the 80's I think all undies are great. Thongs are zexy too. Try a pair before u say no.....

Who wears tighty whities?

Hey dudes! Just looking to connect with other men who wear tighty whities. I do! Low rise Calvin Klein, but classic. Not many guys my age wear them, sadly.

Do you use the fly?

Just wondering how meny guys use the fly in underwear. Or do you just pull down the front. When answering, assume your underwear has a fly or front opening. I never use it and just pull down the top.

Briefs In Bed ?

Just wondering about wearing briefs in bed. I was always bought up never to wear briefs in bed. As a child I went commando in my PJ's and then when I wore boxers I slept in them. I now sleep naked and have done for many years however I know...

Current Favorite Briefs

My current favorite briefs are: 1. Jockey Classic Brief in white with the y-front 2. The bikini brief from Todd Sanfield

Skype names

I wanted to create a thread with everyones skype name here, age, and preferred underwear My skype name is DDD, Im 39, and love white briefs


I have had a revelation! Someone bought me a pair of white 2Xist briefs about three months ago and I have to say they are the most comfortable briefs I have ever worn. The cotton is really smooth and they hold you really well. I used to actually go...


I wear bikini's for swimming, and sometimes for underwear, but mostly, I wear mens thongs for underwear. Why cover it all up, and they are actually quite comfortable.