Guys Who Wear Briefs

guys who love to wear briefs instead of boxers

Tighty whites

I usually wear a cocksock I love the free feeling

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by James11217 
Tighty whites

I usually wear a cocksock I love the free feeling

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Sexy breifs

I'm nude when I can, but when I wear pants, I have to have on a pair of briefs. It looks like a lot of guys in here like the tighty whities. I'm a fan of more revealing and sexy briefs from brands like Andrew Christian, Cocksox, Clever,...

Do you use the fly?

Just wondering how meny guys use the fly in underwear. Or do you just pull down the front. When answering, assume your underwear has a fly or front opening. I never use it and just pull down the top.

Who wears tighty whities?

Hey dudes! Just looking to connect with other men who wear tighty whities. I do! Low rise Calvin Klein, but classic. Not many guys my age wear them, sadly.

Y fronts

Who else wears them? I can't be the only guy under 40 who wear them regularly! Not many places seem to sell them these days, most of mine are jockey or M and S. Just love the classic design and the fly. So who wears them and where do you get...

Briefs go missing...

I'm one of those guys that goes through phases. I'll wear briefs for a few months (not the same pair obviously ) and then I'll freeball before going back to briefs - I like to have the option to change and mix things up a bit. Right now...

If you could only wear one colour, what...

I wear all colours, but if i had to choose just one to stick with forever.... Probably white!