I Always Sleep Naked

For those who enjoy sleeping nude. Para aqueles que curtem dormir n.

I slept naked long before I was a nudist

I started sleeping naked when in my late teens, around 50 years ago. I slept naked with my late wife for well over 30 years, starting before we were married. She had no reservations about any of her children (3 girls and a boy) seeing us both naked....

Sleeping naked in the military.

When I joined the military, our drill sergeants told us to sleep naked after we worked out too hard. Many of us didn't believe it until we started doing 20 miles hikes and other stuff. Most people got used to sleeping nude. Some even walked...

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Sleeping nude on vacation with family

I have a dilemma, we will be taking my mil with us to the beach in September. It will be a bedroom with two queen beds. I always sleep naked and my mil is a serious prude on nakedness. To the point she shamed my 5yr old for being naked in our house...

i like it

mans years no nearly all of my live i am sleeping naked


I was sleeping naked at the age of 6 I am 47 now. I had seen shows that made it seem like they were naked and i wanted to see what it was like and well I love it of course and slept naked, now mind you I would have a pair of reg shorts in reaching...

Sleeping in the Nude

Hello I'm Newt, I sleep in the nude all the time. It's really best thing that I really like. I'll for sure going to sleep nude for the rest of my life....

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Hello group, I hope you are all well and looking forward to Christmas.

Saving Money

Was walking through Macy's today and happened to see a display of men's sleep pants and shorts for $30 each. Glad my "sleepwear" is free and lasts a lifetime!

Sleeping truly naked

So many of us sleep naked but under the covers. It's often too cold not to. At last It was warm enough to sleep truly naked - on top of the covers. What bliss!

Northern Illinois

As a young boy of course I had to sleep with clothes on, as I got older realizing how free and reel it felt to sleep without clothes, that's when I realized that I had to be honest with myself that I am a true nudist.

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