I Always Sleep Naked

For those who enjoy sleeping nude. Para aqueles que curtem dormir n.

Which came first

Swimming nude or sleeping nude. When we moved into this house, it had a pool with a low chain link fence, so I could only swim nude after dark. It didn't make sense to put something on to go to bed, so I slept nude on nights I went swimming....

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Cold Turkey

Who here went directly from full sleepwear without going through some lesser amount of clothing (top or bottom only, underwear, etc.) in between. I did not. I had a long progression of wearing less and less to bed in between.

Began sleeping naked in the second or third...

mom would dress me in PJs but I couldn't sleep. I end up taking PJs off because the arms and legs would kind of wrap around my arms and legs and pull against my body when I turn over. So I took them off in bed. It wasn't long that I took off...

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Told to Sleep Nude

I am also a member of the Nude Sleepers Forum. Many men and a few women have said that at some point one or both parents told them that they were too old to wear anything to bed and had to start sleeping nude. Did that happen to any of you? As a...

Sleepwear Availability

Was in two department stores yesterday. Area devoted to sleepwear significantly reduced om one and the other department store had almost eliminated theirs. I would be great if this means that more men are sleeping nude now that the weather is...

nude is the only way to sleep

I always sleep nude. When I was younger, I would go to bed in PJs (dressed for bed my mom) and wake up nude. Then it was going to bed in my undershorts and waking up nude. Then I found myself waiting as long as possible to get dressed. Love that...

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by nakedman1960 
Differences by Country

While all of us sleep nude here, what do you think most men's sleeping attire or lack thereof in your country. Here in the US, it is underwear. I have read on this board and elsewhere that in the UK, men sleeping in underwear is very rare, some...

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I always sleep naked.

Maybe we can get together for a sleepover.It could even turn in to a cuddle party.

always sleep nude in my shuttle bus RV

Hello all... I will be heading west from Wilminton, NC to Quartzsite Arizona, via route 20 this year.. I'm leaving NC on October 4th and my first stop will be South of the Border for some video clips. If anyone is close to rt 20 and don't...

Naked People Photo Project

Hello, check my naked project out and send your photos if you want :) https://naked-people.blogspot.com/2021/07/naked-people-home-edition_5.html

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