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Are there any nudists who don't sleep naked?

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I can't imagine being a nudist and not sleeping nude. Have you ever heard of anyone who does this? I thought it was the default sleeping state of (un)dress for all nudists...

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RE:Are there any nudists who don't sleep naked?

I was also surprised to see this group when I joined TN, assuming that all naturists slept naked (as do I, of course). I have the opposite situation - a non- naturist partner who does sleep naked! I do know of a naturist who sleeps in his briefs (he's not on this site, or I'd not risk mentioning this), but he suffers from irritable bowel syndrome (and/or Crohn's disease) so is not confident about sleeping without some protection. In general I feel this kind of thing constitutes a good and valid reason for not sleeping naked; for the rest the health benefits are many and obvious.

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