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Go Naked in Puerto Rico

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Subject: Go Naked in Puerto Rico

Dear Friends,

I wanted to reach out for help with something that I believe would be of interest to you. I would very much like to open the first clothing optional resort on the last island in the Caribbean to be without one, Puerto Rico. As you can imagine, there are many positive aspects that such a resort will bring to the island. And joy to you and others in our clothing-free community. And the plans for this green built modern clothing optional resort will include a pool, bar, steam room, relaxation room, outdoor movie screen, lush outdoor garden with paths, and much more. Please understand that Im not asking for a donation, check out and share the Go Fund Me link below and you will actually simply be reserving your stay.

Did you know visiting Puerto Rico does not required a passport? If you have never visited the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, this will absolutely be the way youll want to go. Monthly events are already planned, i.e. pool parties, singles nights, cocktail dinners, etc.

Help drive the dream forward; with your early bird reservation the resort will be a reality in no time. Lastly, please share the link and this email with anyone and everyone, refer guests, and Ill extend your stay with my personal gratitude.

Any thoughts or feedback is greatly appreciated, and I encourage you to contact me through the go fund me link above and below.


gf.me/u/txabc8Go Naked in Puerto Rico

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