I Always Sleep Naked

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How to be nude in the hospital?

Well, as luck would have it, I've been hospitalized for some pretty serious sudden ailments in the past 6 months. I have had to spend nearly a week admitted each time. As my membership in this group implies - I always sleep naked. Yet I have not...

Sleep walking while nude sleeping?

Anyone got stories of sleep walking while they are nude sleeping? As a kid up till age 10 ( before I was sleeping nude) I would sleep run. We lived in a small 2 bedroom house and every once in a while while my folks were still up I would get out of...

Southcoast uk guy on travels

Hi Im travelling down the coast towards cornwall and devon and would love to find some nudists to put me up!!! Im fully housetrained and a good guest! Thanks S.

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Sleep nude for years

Hello all, I've been sleeping naked for years since I was in my early teens

Couples that sleep nude

I've seen mentions of couples that sleep naked, which really is the way everyone should sleep. So much more comfy. My wife and I have slept nude our entire 20+ year marriage. I just thought I'd share a few pics of us doing so. Well, to be...

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Go Naked in Puerto Rico

Subject: Go Naked in Puerto Rico Dear Friends, I wanted to reach out for help with something that I believe would be of interest to you. I would very much like to open the first clothing optional resort on the last island in the Caribbean to be...

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I sleep naked, still new to it but something...

So I have recently started to sleep naked. I ADORE the feeling. I like the freedom and letting my penis and testicles breathe. I do think it was more natural for us humans to sleep naked anyways because if you think about it, our ancestors slept...

Writing a book about nudism

I need some volunteers to answe some interview questions for my book About Nudism. Any takers? Shoot me a message. Its very simple and it would be a great way to share your expierences with people who are new to the community.

Been so long since I had PJ's

I can't remember when I last had pajamas on for sleeping. My first wife of 29 years and I slept naked. My second wife on 19 years also sleep naked. If there is a need to get outta bed fast, we do so. Then we think about cloths or a robe....

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