I Always Sleep Naked

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Group for True Nudists!

Hey. I created a group on WhatsApp only for true nudists who can share pics with face. Wanna join? My WhatsApp number is +573132538181 The key for entrance: full naked body pic. Let's have fun over there!

Travel nude sleeping update

I have been bouncing around Africa for over two weeks now and all but the overnight flight on Emirates Air I have managed a nude sleep so far. Ended up with solo tent while camping with 11 others due to group logistics and my snoring. Then Airbnb...

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Sleeping naked around others

Having some insomnia and came out to the living room couch to look at the phone, and it got me thinking about all the places Ive slept nude with others around - when visiting friends, on business trips (sometimes alone, sometimes sharing a room), at...

Slept nude since age 10

My Dad, although he was not a nudist, was very open about nudity. He followed the tradition of nude sleeping from his Dad and his brother. He was not shy about being seen naked by his 3 children. I took his lead at age 10 and have slept naked ever...

Money saver

Was walking through Macy's today and happened to see a display of men's sleep pants and shorts for $30 each. Glad my "sleepwear" is free and lasts a lifetime!

Textile Wife

My textile wife and I both sleep nude. She did for years before meeting me, so her enjoying it has nothing to do with me or nudism. The direct tactile sensation of the soft sheets on her skin is what she loves. Yesterday it dawned on me to tell I...

Since I was 12 or 13

When I was 12 or 13, I got into bed one night wearing my Jockey briefs -- as usual. While I was lying there, it occurred me that there was no good reason to be wearing any clothing of any sort while I was in bed. I slipped off my briefs under the...

Wearing Pjs to Work

My wife and I work from home. I just went into the kitchen to warm up my coffee and saw she was wearing pajamas while working on her laptop. I kiddingly exclaimed, "You're wearing your pajamas to work!" She bantered back I was wearing...

Trip report

Slept nude every night of the past two weeks except the overnight flight here, I think the airline would have frowned and the overnight train from Odessa to Kiev. Had to share a claustrophobic cabin with three others . We all slept in our street...

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