I Always Sleep Naked

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Night erections

Question: with the covid stay at home situation I have been having "me time" in bed at night instead of my normal long edging sessions during my days off or late work starts. I always got release, I don't save it up. What I've...

Nude and No Covers

Who sleeps nude without any top cover or sheet? I generally do not, but have been doing so more lately with the ongoing hot weather.

What if you have to wear something?

Do you have anything you could use if you had to go into hospital with Covid 19? I have been admitted to hospital naked and stayed naked for a week. But I doubt that would be accepted in this situation. Having slept naked for most of my life I have...

Naked Sleep Story

I've slept naked since I was 12 and noticed my underwear (bb) were great for masturbation clean-up. After, I was naked anyway. I CAN NOT sleep with clothes on now. Too restricting and they move and wrap around my body. It was an EASY choice...

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Group for True Nudists!

Hey. I created a group on WhatsApp only for true nudists who can share pics with face. Wanna join? My WhatsApp number is +573204541069 The key for entrance: full naked body pic. Let's have fun over there

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Do you prefer..

When sleeping nude, do you prefer temps that allow you to sleep atop the sheets or for it to be cool enough to need covers and "snuggle down". ? The past few weeks I have been in temps in tents or non aircon hotel rooms that have perfect...

since a boy

Always slept naked since around 11years old. A very hot summer and once tried couldn't go back to wearing anything in bed. The only way to sleep and relax around the home if possible

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Taking an overnight train trip in coach so I will have to sleep clothed tonight. Could have had a bedroom for about $200 Extra. Not worth it for me. Would it be for you?

Sleeping naked while sharing a condo with...

We had booked a cruise out of Tampa and it was sailing on Sunday morning. well the wife having family in Fla suggested we bring her mom along so she could stay with her other daughter while we were on the cruise. We booked a nice Condo overlooking...

Instagram self-love project!

Instagram self-love project! You are all invited to check @anakedjourney on Instagram! A project about nudity, self-love and body acceptance. It's full of diversity and amazing posts!

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