I Always Sleep Naked

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Going commando?

How many people, in addition to sleeping nude, don't wear or own any underwear, panties, bras? I started sleeping nude when I was 6 and started freeballing at 7 with the encouragement of my dad who also slept nude and went commando. How old were...

Exercising and Sleeping

My grandfather would undress at bedtime, do some exercises naked, and then put on PJ's to sleep. Anyone ever do that or or know someone who did?

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I Love to be Naked in Bed

I love to be naked in bed all year round and i have done this since i was young

Chilly night

I am crashing at a buddy's home for a couple of nights. Kansas in January so cold. Inflatable mattress. He offered an extra blanket and I readily took it, adding " no matter how cold I sleep bare, I just add more blankets". He agreed...

Love our new bed!

The day arrived that we needed to replace our mattress. Nowadays a lot of mattresses are sent via UPS, FEDEX. No need to go to a bed store to shop. We decided to go and try beds out rather than throw the dice and see how it worked out. We tried the...

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Only way to sleep

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If you intentionally nap at home, do you still take all your clothes off first? I generally do.

what is your naked sleeping position?

I am a side sleeper most of the time on my left side with my legs almost always pulled up with a leg over an extra pillow . So fetal position. I also fall asleep reading a book and will wake up several hours later with book still in hand. So i must...

New to the group

Hi everyone I am new to the group and enjoy the lifestyle, I wanted to say hi and introduce myself. Feel free to message me

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Best Bed Sheets for Sleeping in the Buff!

This past month I purchased a set of "Micro Flannel Sheets" let me tell you what a difference when it comes to sleeping in the nude. They feel great against your naked body, smooth and warm. I generally shower before going to bed and...


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