I Always Sleep Naked

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Getting out of Bed

Does anyone else sometimes find it easier to bed out of bed in the morning because they will stay nude for a while?

Parents Sleeping Nude

Havent seen a thread about one or both parents sleeping nude when growing up. My dad started sleeping nude when I was 10ish. Never discussed why he started doing so. Although I wore shorts to bed through college, the impression of him sleeping nude...


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Sleepwear when not at home

I started sleeping naked late in life - I was in my mid 30's and although I took to it easily and wished that I started earlier there was still a mental block of not sleeping naked away from home. My first trip away, about three months after I...

Why do you sleep naked ?

Having a weird discussion on twitter the other night with some mates and the topic of being naked in bed came up - I don't remember how. Out of 6 of us only 2 were naked sleepers (the others were 2 boxers, 1 briefs and 1 PJ's). Now I know...

Going commando?

How many people, in addition to sleeping nude, don't wear or own any underwear, panties, bras? I started sleeping nude when I was 6 and started freeballing at 7 with the encouragement of my dad who also slept nude and went commando. How old were...

Exercising and Sleeping

My grandfather would undress at bedtime, do some exercises naked, and then put on PJ's to sleep. Anyone ever do that or or know someone who did?

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I Love to be Naked in Bed

I love to be naked in bed all year round and i have done this since i was young

Chilly night

I am crashing at a buddy's home for a couple of nights. Kansas in January so cold. Inflatable mattress. He offered an extra blanket and I readily took it, adding " no matter how cold I sleep bare, I just add more blankets". He agreed...