I Always Sleep Naked

join if you sleep naked

Nude Sleeper, do you....

Do you take off your ring(s) or any otherjewelry that you may have on you? I take off my ring when i sleep at night.

Getting up

A great thing about sleeping naked is when you can get up, shower and just stay naked for the day.

Do some people dress to sleep???

I have slept naked since I was in nappies (diapers) as a child, I cannot understand why anyone would put clothes on to sleep, it is uncomfortable as well as unhealthy. I have been married twice and had numerous partners over the years and nobody has...

First time you saw some one sleeping nude....

In my childhood, I often used to see my dad sleeping nude, if I woke up earlier than him. Next I saw some foreigners (men) sleeping nude in a dormitory. And perhaps in some film...i still remember the scene...the hero got up from bed...he was bare...

Laying in bed after waking

Anyone else like to lounge after waking? I am right now and do most mornings unless I oversleep.

What about covers?

I have been sleeping nude since I was a teenager, but I always like at least a sheet over me, and of course more if it is cold. Not sure if it is more to decrease skin stimulation ( change in temps, breeze, bugs, etc) or maybe more psychological. I...

at what age ?

I was raised in a strictly no mention of sex home, and definitely no nudity household, however about the age of puberty I decided that I did not like being constrained by PJ's, so for a while would remove the trousers after getting into bed, as...

Sleeping in the "Raw"

Sleeping naked is what made me a nudist, I stared sleeping naked when I was in middle school. I instantly loved the feel and only limited my naked to sleeping. Around the time I graduated from high school I stopped, just didn't feel like it...

Another Forum

Anyone else also belong to the Nude Sleepers forum on Zetaboards?

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i alway sleep naked

i always sleep naked from childhood ,it's the only way i know to sleep swell been naked at home must of the time and out on bike trail and in the green house

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