I Always Sleep Naked

join if you sleep naked

Random roomie exposure coming soon.

Sunday I will meet the guy or guys who I will be matched up with over the next 3 weeks while we tour 4 Central American countries. Never more than 2 to a room if there 3 singles we rotate who gets the single. In the past most have been fine with it....


Greetings! I've been a lurker here for a while, and I decided to introduce myself. I always slept in my briefs as a boy, but by the time I was a teen I had discovered sleeping nude to be the best! I still sleep nude every night, and I feel it...

hello from Italy

Hey i'm new here

New Social Nudist

I was staying over at a friends house and had to wear underwear. It was so uncomfortable! I've been a 'home' nudist for years and I hope first visit a nude resort this spring. Should I be nervous or is it no big deal?

snuggle down

We had an overall warm summer here in northeast IN. That meant in my non-AC home most eves my naked sleeping needed at most a sheet over my bare form with the windows open listening to the night critters. It is now mid Sept and while the days are...

NCIS episode 10/25/16

Last night's episode had a conversation between McGee and Torres. Torres says something that McGee perceives as uncaring and so McGee responds by saying " How do you sleep?" referring to Torres conscience. But Torres's response is...

sort of caught in college

Just thought of a time my sophomore year of college ( PURDUE grad 83' ) I had openly slept nude in front of my random roommate that the dorm system had matched me up with. He did not bare all to sleep himself but had no issues with me doing it....

NO A/C for a WEEK

Thank GOD we sleep naked. Our a/c went out just before the Labor day holiday. And wouldn't you know that the mild temps that we had been having up till that time ENDED. Not only did the temperature rise, along with it the humidity decided to...

tricking your mother

why trick your mother why not admit you like sleep naked

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Sleeping Totally Naked

I love this time of year when it gets warm enough that I can sleep on top of the sheets with no sheets or blankets covering me at all. I love having nothing but air on my skin all night!


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