I Always Sleep Naked

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Yesterday I went to another city for my work, due to paperwork I had to stay overnight in that city, when I got to the hotel as I was going with the driver from my office, we shared a room, we got settled in and asked for dinner and I asked for an extra blanket because the another bed did not have. Dinner came first, we had dinner together in the room because the dining area was closed due to a covid contingency, then I decided to take a shower to sleep peacefully, my driver and partner did not know that I am a nudist, when the blanket arrived he did not listen, So he opened the bathroom door to let her know and left her open and she did not realize it, it was until when she came out in a towel and was entangled in her that she asked me "hey and will you sleep only in your underwear? What I replied "I sleep naked, I hope you don't mind" he was surprised to hear my answer and only managed to say "it's cold." In the morning when I got out of bed his reaction was very funny since I only managed to say You have a lot of hair. I think that from now on, I will have no problem regarding my nudity.

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RE:Business trip

Haven't had to travel recently, but always sleep naked when I have my own room. Sleepwear not required!

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