Indonesian Nudist

Hello, this group are created to all nudists from Indonesia, although Indonesia well know as the biggest moeslem country, we want to show that still there is a nudist comunity existing, and hopefully one day we also can have our own nude beach, and we can get nude not only at home but also on the street. So for you all nudist from Indonesia come and join this comunity! Thanks

Happy Nude Year in Bali

This annual event will take place inBali au Naturelfrom 31 Dec through 3 Jan. 1 to 4 days packages available. Stay away from the clothed crowds and have a fun filled long weekend with sexy contests, lunch and dinner buffets, excursions, happy hours,...

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Another Nude Experience

Hello guys, i just had a new nude experience. Bali this time for my destination. i already upload some pictures at my profile. please feel free to see and leave comment.EnjoyDoni WIdjaya

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hi hi

hi everyone long time not chat and share things in this i will make a new discussion, hmm actually a share experience. recently i just visit Singapore for work. but since i know a lot of Singapore Nudist at this forum so i decided to meet...

Pool BBQ in Kuta

The next monthly naked pool BBQ party in Kuta (Laki UmaVilla) is on 4 August join us ! (Men only)100,000 IDR for BBQ, drinks extra. Clothes bag and towelprovided. Start at 7 PM.Free entrance after 10 PM (no more BBQ)More info on www.unseenbali.org10%...

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outdoor nude experience

well since not all in this group speak bahasa so i will tell my latest experience using english so everyone can understand.on the 30th of april till 5th of may 2013 i went to Lombok Island at nusa tenggara barat. there i spend the night at a guest...

malaysian naked adventure picture is...

to all my friends please dont forget to see my latest malaysian naked adventure. i just upload it and please give your comment. many thanks

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please wait my latest picture from my nude advanture @ kuala lumpur Malaysia, too bad i dont had a chance to meet other nudists from Malaysia..

mata air panas

Weekend lalu gw ke Kalianget, Wonosobo. Di sana gw nemu satu kolam mata air panas di tengah sawah kira2 di seberang taman rekreasi Kalianget. Di taman rekreasinya ada kolam air panas juga, tapi ga seru. Di tengah sawah itu gw berenang, berendam &...

Nude Hiking Spot

Hi all, couple weeks ago i just go to someplace near bandung, Lembang the excact place. I went there with my friend for some hiking and camping. when i was there i figure that the place was so quite and almost nobody across it. i spend 3 days there...


i would like to do a cam chat on this saturday 28 may, maybe around 2PM jakarta time are there anybody want to join?

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