INUDE 2015 - Nudist's Day Of India

This group aims to discuss the activities for 1st March, which is the nudist's day of India.

URGENT: Give your option: any 3 of the following, if no other way round

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We need an urgent check on the following points. We must
have to gather responses on the following points as soon as possible, so please
respond here or by mail / phone / message to me:

What is your option if you are given a tent
accommodation in the island with 24*7 clothing optionality vs. day visit in the
island and staying in a room outside the island, if no third option is
available? There is no question of

Who all would prefer none of the above and
rather opt out if there is no scope of any third options and ifs and buts
and deciding later?

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RE: URGENT: Give your option: any 3 of the following, if no other way round

Hi,At the very beginning, I had asked about a separate room for sleeping. Its only for sleeping in the night, I have no problems sharing the room throughout the day and sharing the toilet. There is a health reason for it - I have heart and spinal problems. I have already been paralysed and hospitalised a couple of times, due to which I need to take many precautions while walking, sitting, and sleeping.But I realise that due to space constraints this might not be possible. In that case, I have no problems with option 2 - living in a separate place and travelling to the resort everyday.Dear SirLets meet and help each other be as comfortable as possible, i am sure you would not want to leave us and all the fun by going away to stay somewhere else. I am sure we can make ourselves as comfortable as possible

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RE:URGENT: Give your option: any 3 of the following, if no other way round

Safety and protection is the first need...then i m ok with any option.

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