"Must have 2 full frontal nude photos, including your face." "Profile must be filled in and cannot be set to friends only or private." SHOW OF YOUR BODY HAIR AND LET OTHER MEN/WOMEN ENJOY IT.

Dying those pubes

Anyone have experience dying their pubic hair? I'm tired of all of the gray and would like to have a little more youthful look. I'd love to have my hair look like it did 10 years ago. Any men or women dye theirs?

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by carlosalberto 
Profiles Removed

There are requirements to join our group. Some members, after being approved, have changed their profile settings. All private, empty, friends only, or avatar profiles have been removed. We are after all "NUDISTS" and should not have to...

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Hey Group Pat n Tammy here...whats new ? :)

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Thank you

I would like to say thank you to all the group members for making our little group grow. While it's true, we don't have thousands of members, like some other groups, all our members are I feel, dedicated nudists. I choose to add restrictions...

Caught off guard

Have you ever been caught off guard well totally nude by an unexpected visitor or neighbor? What was their reaction?


Is it possible to copy a picture which I have in my media to this group ? How do I upload a picture to this group which is not in my media?

Photo Call

Come on members! We are all nudists. Surely we've had a great summer and why not share it in photos with the members?Just go to the main page of the group, click on media, click on upload and follow the instructions. Only members of this group...

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Dam if only...!

I could have been this free and open 30 years ago when I was younger I would have been much better off when I was able to get out and strip it all off my body from head to toe

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Summer's here....Yeh!!!!

What are your plans for nude time as the sun shines bright and warm?? How about posting some photos of your activities to share with the group members? Don't forget the sun block!!

Just arrived in the group

Best wishes to each of the group members. I am Andrea from Italy, new member. It is a pleasure to be with you and as I invite everyone to see the pictures I have posted here and those of my profile that I invite you to visit. I am very happy if you...

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