King Spa Chicago

King Spa Chicago is for Nudist friends who want to meet, network and relax in a clean and safe environment. Everyone is welcome regardless of gender, creed, color, religious preference, sexual preference, political views, etc, etc, etc. Located at 809 Civic Center Dr. Niles, IL. 60714, Tel : 847-972-2540, Business Hours : Open 24/7.

Serious about going to King Spa

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I've been wanting to go to King Spa for a couple years and haven't made it. I will go alone if I have to but would like to meet like minded nudists if possible to spend the day there with.Send me a message and let's set something up.

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RE:Serious about going to King Spa

So have you gone yet ?
I have also thought of trying King Spa but have not made it . What was it like ?

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