Look At Me! I'm Totally Naked

For those of us that love to be completely naked and don't mind who sees us and knows about it. Whether it's indoors, outside, in private or in public, relaxing on the beach or modelling in a studio, we love showing off every inch of our naked bodies to anyone who'll see us. We have nothing to hide and are proud to be nudists.

Your first time

When was your first time you realized you actually wanted to live the nudist life style? I believe mine was about 30 years ago. I've always loved being nude, but I feel I actually became a nudist then.

Being seen naked

I love being naked. I love seeing other nudes. But most of all I enjoy others seeing me naked. I don't care whether they are nude or clothed. I just like to be seen! I have fond memories of last year's Christmas eve - being photographed as I...

Loving being nude and forgetting!

Hi,Love this group! I just wanted to say hi to everyone in the group.Would love to welcome new friends :) Especially those interested in getting fit, nude.Col.

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Remembering that you're nude

Does anyone forget that they're nude from time to time? I never wear clothes when I can, and when I'm nude I'm both barefoot and naked without anything man made. Still, this happens to me every once in awhile. Yet it bothers me a little...

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Just joined this group thanks for having me. My beach is fairlight in East Sussex uk hopefully next summer more vists had knee injury had trouble getting there this year few vists

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Are we exhibitionists?

Are we exhibitionists, are we showing off or are we just comfortable in our nakedness? On my part I don't have that super figure so there is nothing to "show off". At first I got a kick out of the thought of people seing me nude. So...

First time naked

The first time I was naked in front of someone else was when I was a young teenager in the early 1960's. My Dad had a house on a small river. We had neighbors about a half mile from us. Our neighbor Steve was about my age and his sister was about...

I am a true exhibisionist

hi i am a bisexual and i am new to this group. i consider myself a true nudist and a exhibitionist. i love to share my nude photos and videos. love to see others nude pics. open for all kind of chats. skype chat and sharing intimate feelings. i love...

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