Everyone nudist/naturist who likes to show his/her nude body and also likes to look at other people's nude bodies.

Naked in Miami !

I, also, love to see and be seen! I am also looking for 'naked dare buddies' in Miami and south Florida do get out there and "be seen naked"!!!!Anybody want to join me?~~~On a different note--there is a highly popular consensus that...

Naked on Skype

Hi, I am new on here and would like to chat with people on skype, my addy is rocky5312. All are welcome to come and have a chat. Hope to speak soon.

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Delete group

Wonder if there is any reason for this group to exist when nobody is interested to communicate with anybody.....Lets vote "Delete group?"

Skype social nudism

A way to socialize nudism from distance and an opportunity to meet other nudist/naturist friends from all over the world.Send your skype address to meet with other nudists to "show your nude body"!

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It seems strange...

... with so many people in this group, there should be pics for the group.

This should be the mantra of this site!!!!

Which would mean too that there are NO hidden profiles as "friends only" or "certified only" since nudity is about being open and free!!! To come out of the "clothes" closet is the best thing ever!!!!


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I'm looking for people to help me design...

Im doing aSurvey to find out what people think of my idear.I want to build a NAKED CITY Called Freedom City, in the USA, Where anything goes.I'd like it just like a proper city. where there are accommodation, shops, supermarkets, cinemas, bars...