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This group is to share ways for which people can earn a little extra money by being or promoting nudism. It could be a job opening for nudists or maybe a way to promote and get paid within a nudist realm.

Two modeling sessions with more in the future

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Many years ago I posed and was paid by a local group of artists who gathered weekly and practiced their sketching. I think I did about about a half dozen times and then just drifted away.
Fast forward till this fall and I looked them up. Yep post COVID they are meeting again and I contacted the new cooridinator He was interested in me modeling. I had one training session where another model and I did an undress rehearsal . He walked us through a typical session
starting out with 10 second poses and made sure we were comfortable in our own skin and the format.
Then it was the real thing. sessions go just shy of 3 hours with well timed breaks. Pay is $15/ hr plus tips. Not getting rich money
but certainly something. They will be having me back monthly as my schedule allows.

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RE:Two modeling sessions with more in the future

That is great! I have been modeling for art classes for more than 4 years now. They are always looking for all ages and body types so being older is not an issue. In fact, as a retired guy I have better availability than most .

My most unusually session was posing nude with a female model ( also nude). Happened by mistake by the scheduler but the artists liked it so well that we were both asked back for the session the following week

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RE:Two modeling sessions with more in the future

This sounds like so much fun.

You are so lucky and I do envy you.

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