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This group is to share ways for which people can earn a little extra money by being or promoting nudism. It could be a job opening for nudists or maybe a way to promote and get paid within a nudist realm.

Third modeling session

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This past Thursday eve, I did my third modeling session for Artlink , a local artist coop that hosts artist of any age to practice their skills
It was a 3 hour session with 6 artist. We start with 10 sec poses and work on up to 25 minutes.
This time they had a ladder I climbed and hung from. Plus a dolly that i sat on and while holding a 15 minute pose the facilatator rotated
me 90 degrees two times. The artist got same posed from three perspectives.
The most revealing pose was when i laid back on a pillow that had my back arched head slightly down and feet lowered. It was so comfortable as far as body position that even though i felt the most exposed, I was comfortable enough i would have dozed off had i held it much longer.

The $45 check is in the mail The group did have a couple of college kids in it, so the tip jar was skimpier than the past two times.
But still worth the drive down .
If you have not posed, check around online for groups in your area that might need a model.

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