Making Money With Nudism

This group is to share ways for which people can earn a little extra money by being or promoting nudism. It could be a job opening for nudists or maybe a way to promote and get paid within a nudist realm.

I am a life coach. The only reason I can't say therapist is because of licensing. But as a benefit to that, I can do things that theraposts can't. Namely, use nudity as a tool in my coaching sessions. Throughout my years, I have noticed that people are more open and honest with others and themselves when they are naked.

As a life coach, I use nudity as a tool to allow the client to shed their defenses and allow themselves to be vulnerable. This is where true change can happen and I love helping people reach their true selves and be comfortable in all they are.

Have you experienced anything like nude coaching? How do you think it could benefit you compared to regular coaching or therapy sessions?

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RE:Nude Coaching

I am very interested in seeking your nude life coaching. Since the pandemic, my self=esteem is at an all time low. I am in a rut and self-isolating. I could really use your help.
With you guys in Iowa, I assume sessions will be held on skype? And do you offer a sliding fee for us poor folk?
Contact me either a message here on TN.
Or better yet, Email;
Look forward to hearing from you.

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RE:Nude Coaching

I sent you an email, Scot.

For others who are curious, I do have a sliding scale, but I start at $50 an hour which is less than a lot of other coaches who usually try to go for triple digits. My main goal is to help people and the money I charge is to help me pay my bills so I can continue to help people.

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RE:Nude Coaching

I also have a website now.

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RE:Nude Coaching

How great to find another nude/clothing optional coach. I also offer sessions where we are in whatever level of dress is most likely to give the client a sense of freedom. I will go and explore your site. Cheers Chris

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