Making Money With Nudism

This group is to share ways for which people can earn a little extra money by being or promoting nudism. It could be a job opening for nudists or maybe a way to promote and get paid within a nudist realm.

Jackin Jill of Many Trades

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If anyone is located near the bootheel of Missouri & requires any type of work or assistance whatsoever, no matter how obscure the task, if I am capable, Ill accept. Im willing to travel a bit if it would be worth the expenses I would incur to get there. The customer is always right, so as long as it is safe, Ill wear or not wear whatever youd prefer & for as long as your compensation will allow. Ill likely have many of the tools that might be required as far as carpentry, or plumbing work, etc. , & I should have most of what Id need to tackle most any automotive job, computer/ phone repair, yard working/landscaping, & most things relating to the basic maintenance and upkeep of a home. I am also a freelance photographer & writer, so anything you might need along those lines, Id also be more than happy to help you with. No task is too big or too small, & if it aint creepy or weird, Id prolly say yes to them all!

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