Married But Spouse Not Into

For those who are into nudism but spouse is not.

She has known since before we got married,...

I started as a nudist in my teens even thou I was a solo nudist most of the time. HS met a buddy with same interests and his grandparents had a farm we worked on durning summer. There we could go skinny dipping and tan and live baked in the old bunk...

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Nudist wife and non-nudist husband

I am curious to know if I am the only wife whose husband is not into it at all. I read a lot about the men who are nudists but whose wives don't take part. My experience is the other way around. My husband is accepting me wanting to be nude at...

Partners Who Don't

. My other half isn't into being naked in public at all and doesn't even like being topless on a beach abroad where others can see. She's certainly not ashamed of her body and is happy to be naked with me in the bedroom. Also she...


like most of us here, my wife isn't really into it, however, she don't mind me being nude at home :) sometimes, although very rarely, she will join me nude. As long as she don't mind me being nude, I don't mind her staying clothed :)

Spouse used to be into it...but not anymore

There are a lot of posts here from husbands whose wives are "just not into it." But what about husbands whose wives did get "into it"; but then quit? Some of the reasons I've seen/heard for wives quitting have been: a) -...

OMG what to do?!?

Got visitors during the so called lockdown. Daughter, son In law and granddaughter. I have to wear some sort of clothing. Even in my own house. Hating it. Been hanging out in short shorts and a speedo. Everyone would love to be naked except my wife....

Arlington/Mansfield TX

Would like to find married guys in my area to have a group since our spouse are not into nudism. If there are woman in the same situation you could join the group as well. I know that there are men that are not into nudism as well.

One Week Nude At Home

My wife is not a big fan of nudity and it has become more of an issue. I have stayed clothed around her most of the time. This week she is helping family and will be away most of the week. Since autumn is not far away this maybe my last week to...

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Might have to leave this group

I was at the beach with my wife whilst on holiday in Spain. Once we were settled in our spot, I stripped off, while she remained in her swimsuit. After an hour or so, she commented that she was the only person still wearing anything. She, for the...


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