MBA/PHD Nudist

People with advanced degrees who like to hang naked, meet new naked friends and find travel companions.

Having advanced degrees and how it relates...

I have four advanced degrees and with each accomplishment educationally, I find my need to being naked increases with more knowledge. I would like to meet other men who find themselves not only more comfortable with nudism but wanting to share this...

Intelligence vs. Nudity

Positive Correlation Is anyone surprised that higher intelligence is associated with a higher incidence of nudity? I'm not.

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by Hankster 

Just saying hello and wondering if this group is still active?

Latest PostSeems to be.
by mensasnem 
Greetings, Master in Counseling

I have a masters in counseling and run a counseling service. Love what I do and it gives me flexibility to be nude more.

Masters in Teaching

Honestly, pretty much worthless. I already had a bachelors and wanted to get teaching credentials. Had the choice of simply doing post-bach teaching credentials, or, with a few my classes, get a masters. So, I did that.

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Double Master's

M.Div. and M.A. in Religion.

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