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People with advanced degrees who like to hang naked, meet new naked friends and find travel companions.

hi guys

Just started working on my MBA.

Papers about nudism

In the last 25 years scientific research about nudism has developed a lot. At least in Germany. In former times you had may be some doctorate works about nudism. I guess not more than five in a decade. Now there are several professors in Germany...

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MBA nudist here need your reference for Job.

Hi , I am experienced professional from India, MBA nudist recently lost a job and need all the possible help for my new job searching. basically i need reference from you guys for new role. also open for suggestions about freelancing, joining as...

Hello everyone

I have a Bachelor's in geological/geophysical engineering and a Master's in information science. I'm quite new on this site, but not new to naturism. In Canada, there aren't many places to practise it, people are quite judgemental,...

Seeking Travel Buddies

Seeking travel buddies for nude and textile travel - USA and abroad.

Masters in MIS

Undergrad in anthropology Masters in MIS. If I ever do a PhD, it will be in something fun!!! Hahaha

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Having advanced degrees and how it relates...

I have four advanced degrees and with each accomplishment educationally, I find my need to being naked increases with more knowledge. I would like to meet other men who find themselves not only more comfortable with nudism but wanting to share this...