Men Who Are Average Down There

Since most of us are neither "smaller than average" nor "larger than average" we need a group too!

Skype chatroom

Hi all , I have a Skype chatroom for the lesser endoured nudist . Its a fun chat to chat , cam , connect and post pics . Feel free to check it out.

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Average guy

Heres my picture of my average penis

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How "Big" is Average?

When people talk or asking about the endowment, what will be the range of average size? I always said mine is small but people says that I am average, average to whom?


Hi I'm enjoying my nudist life now as I was not born one. Hope I can be friends with many of you. Pls feel free to exchange contacts

Penis Sizes Around The World

When I saw the picture with the penis size worldwide survey in the media I had a crazy idea: Some years ago I was with my wife in a nudist hotel in Spain. There were guests of many countries of Europe. A woman could go around the swimming-pool with...

Fsico y tamao del pito

Hola pues yo estoy gordito y creo la tengo chiquitilla 11 o 12 cm en ereccion medir ms o menos

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Hey guys. Just curious how many guys have measured their penises before? I think that's a typical rite of passage for guys, but I know a few who haven't. I know I certainly have though :).

How to measure

Do you measure an erect penis with the surrounding flesh at the base pushed in, or just as is?


Hi all, this is my first post. Is there a skype group? My skype id is pinkopalla

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Average until full monty

So lest we despair at least for myself as I get older now 59 it seems that when flaccid I am shrinking with it not wanting to come out on display. But once I am aroused for the occasion then as they say the older the bull the stiffer the horn. And...