Men Who Are Average Down There

Since most of us are neither "smaller than average" nor "larger than average" we need a group too!

Melbourne, Australia. Anyone out there?

Any other guys from Melbourne Australia who enjoy get togethers or even just chats about things...small dicks especially. I love it when mine shrinks up after a swim or in cold weather. Awesome feeling and look. I love the feel of it as it bobs...

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Skype chatrooms

NAKED LOUNGE - Nudist Chatroom Combining all the old nudist chatrooms into one NUDIST - FUN CHAT Fun chat For the less endowered nudists ( small cocked guys ) to chat / cam with...

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Measuring UP

So, I am just average down there. 6" erect. My wife and I enjoy measuring my cock at various stages. Flaccid, erect, the circumference, name it. It's a turn on. It never gets old. Anyone out there share this fascination? Love to...

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Nudist fun Non judgemental fun with other likeminded guys

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skype nudist chatrooms

SENIOR NUDISTS 50+ Nudist chatroom for the mature nudists 50+ age only NUDIST - FUN CHAT Fun chat For the less endowered nudists ( small cocked guys ) to chat / cam with...

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skype nudist chatroom

Nudist - Small But Big Fun Only for smaller than average nudists to chat/cam with likeminded new room - just started might take awhile for people to join , feel free to add other likeminded if you want

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Self conscious

I have always been self conscious about my size and avoided being nude around people. Now that I have started this journey I am becoming more comfortable with my body and have realized 1) that my insecurities are caused by societal mores that shame...


I love penis and smaller men get a raw deal. I love servicing you gents long unhurried and to your desires. One because I crave cock two because they are longer suckers by far and three because every man deserves attention if he so desires.

The thing is....

I'm quite comfortable to be naked in front of people, it doesnt bother me.. but i feel like its offputting for others to look at it... it's a conundrum..

Writing a book about nudism.

I need some volunteers to answe some interview questions for my book About Nudism. Any takers? Shoot me a message. Its very simple and it would be a great way to share your expierences with people who are new to the community.


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