Men Who Are Average Down There

Since most of us are neither "smaller than average" nor "larger than average" we need a group too!

Average until full monty

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So lest we despair at least for myself as I get older now 59 it seems that when flaccid I am shrinking with it not wanting to come out on display. But once I am aroused for the occasion then as they say the older the bull the stiffer the horn. And somewhere down the line I broke mine so I am super curved. Lets just say then my female partners dont mind and say it hits the spot. Maybe some of you have similar experiences? Guess not allowed to post the curve on here but maybe share with interested TN females by PM since I am straight. However all nudists are friends in my book and just sharing my story to give others hope that have any feelings of inadequacy. As they also say its not the size of the ship but the motion of the ocean. Show them size isnt everything. I also got a vasectomy and it made me bigger. Another experience I share. Hope to post some more videos and photos soon including shaving down there with smooth also making up for size. AustinJohn

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RE:Average until full monty

Just following up with photo of me this am going toward my morning wood. Keeping it legal. So remember it gets bigger when needed.

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