Men Who Are "Smaller Then Average"

Men Who Are "Smaller then Average"

Small penis

Hi all, this is my first post. Is there a skype group? My skype id is pinkopalla

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Acceptance of my smaller than average penis

Because I am a tall guy people always seem to think I have a huge penis when in fact it is quite small. Some years ago when I was 16 and starting work I had to go for a medical which was quite intrusive and I remember the old doctor saying hmmph it...

Hello all from UK

Really glad I found this group. Owing to being my paralysis I have a small penis and until recently was quite ashamed but as I get older I've come to accept my size. Being a nudist I think helps in coming to terms with ones size and getting on...

Skype chat

NUDIST - FUN CHAT Fun chat For the less endowered nudists ( small cocked guys ) to chat / cam with likeminded , non judgemental guys

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by Nakedalwaysandforever72 
new here

Hey guys. New to the group. I have a small penis and I am attracted to guys with small penises. I think its a turn on when a guy can be confident and unashamed of his small penis even though the world says he should be ashamed. I am hoping to meet...

Nobody here is smaller than me

I've looked at all the cocks showing in this group and I only wish I were that big. Picture a man with small hands, from the base of his thumbnail to the tip of his thumb is me soft. I don't get hard anymore so the 2.5 I hard doesn't...

little cock

i have a small shaved cut cock and love coming to guys for them to see. any view is acceptable watchers can be clothed or nude - I like clothed watching me

"Smaller than average" what is the...

I am 4cm soft and 12cm hard. For me 4 to 5 cm is an average size yet what is the recognised size for an average penis. Here in South Africa I have seen my fair share of naked guys of all races and can tell you that between the various groups of...

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Overcoming below average

I always had a complex about my size, I was married for a long time so only one woman saw it. When I was divorced and ready to date I always feared to be ridiculed by a woman . I started to research and found that all men certainly are not equal,...

most humorous experience

i am sure we have all had funny experiences that relate to our small size. once we're past being self-conscious about it, we can all laugh at our predicament. so tell me, what are some of your funniest times being small? one of mine (and there...