Men Who Are "Smaller Then Average"

Men Who Are "Smaller then Average"


Any smaller dudes up to Skype with an admirer pm

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Like father's

I look like my father , growing up I thought all guys were this size it was not till I went to my first swim class in 4th grade that I saw we came in all sizes lol

Hi all

Hi! I am new in this group. I definitely meet the standards lol. Would love to chat or cam on Skype if anyone wants to!

Only time this bothers me is when Im the...

Im the true nudist of the house. While my fianc and daughter(s) do go around naked they normally do not when we have guests over even family. Meanwhile, I rarely get dressed for guests even non-family. The more clothed people there is the more Im...

Summer Heat and a Small WeeWee

The weather is heating up in Sac. Temps reached 98 degrees. And my dick reacts like it is February. Small and hidden. I love having this group to showcase my summer dick proud. Join in guys.

PNW Seattle Small Swimming friends

I love skinny dipping! Always have, its so freeing! I always do it alone because Im small and insecure around my friends whole are all hung it seems. I have had a few experiences swimming around others but Im always the smallest and its less...

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Small (-ish)

For a lot of years I was very conscious of the size of my cock and always thought that it was far too small. I've since discovered that it's on the shorter end of the average spectrum. I'm not a porn star so I don't need (or indeed...

Small penis chat, meet...

Hi all, Owner of a small penis (3.5" hard) usually displaying just a nub. Very comfortable with my tiny dick and love to be naked and enjoy being seen naked. Love to have a few buddies to chat to, if your in the UK Wales maybe a meet (hang out...

Small but all I have

My little fella is all I have so I make do. 5 inch when hard and yes I have had a girl tell me I am small . But it all I have so now I am willing to show to all.

enjoy being small

as I get older I seem to get smaller a lot has to do with weight gain but I was never really endowed maybe 5 inches erect but have lost a inch at least over the years and when flaccid I don't turtle but pretty close but again ok as not out to...