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Group for nudists from Milton Keynes.

so its 2023

must be a few people in mk still

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Are there people using this? I'm in MK and recently found nudism, would love to chat to local people to learn about the scene

Does anyone remember?

Does anyone remember Milton Keynes before it was Milton Keynes - just Bletchley, Wolverton, Stony Stratford and the villages? I moved ther in the early 70's and worked for the infamous Develpment Coorp. I remember standing with my back to the...

Is the group active ?

Hello i'm local to MK and wondered if this group is active still , there doesn't seem to be any activity but lets change that :)

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Back in MK

Hey everyone, am a gay nudist back in MK, wanna get to know other guys who love the company of naked men....drop me a line

Meet up in MK...

Hello all, I tried before to get some interest in a social meet up here in MK, had 233 views and only one reply. Trying again for the last time today. There are quite a few of us around MK with the same interests otherwise we wouldn't be on this...

Nudist meet in MK

Hi guys, anyone interested in finding a venue in the MK area where we could meet up and soak up some sun?

How about a meet in MK?

Hi how about a meet in MK sometime soon, so we can put names to faces etc and maybe organise a social event?

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by DappyMK