Naked European Walk Tour 2017 (NEWT

The Naked European Walking Tour (NEWT) is planned again in July / August of this year in Austria, southeast of Salzburg. A week of naked hiking with a group. This year there are two options, one group is hut based, the other is tent based and will hike with equipment. dates are 29 July - 5 August 2017. On you will find more information or contact me. I will guide the tent...

Have you read Naked at Lunch by Mark Haskell Smith? One of the biggest chapters is on the NEWT 2013 which he was on to research for his book. You may recognise many of the names of those he talked to, almost hearing them speak as he quotes them. It also gives an insight into our leader, Richard. NEWT is also referred to in following chapters. It had a profound effect on the author.
Incidentally he also stayed at two other places I have visited. It gives a good understanding of nudity and nudists from a non-nudist point of view, well researched.

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