Naked In The Water

If you love being nude and love the feel of the water on your bare skin. Join this group

What kind of water?

swimming pool, river, loch (lake) or open sea - what's the best water for being naked in?

Only naked in the water

What I hate most are wet bathing trunks. It's such an unpleasant feeling. The naked body dries so much faster. My mother became a nudist because she often got a bladder infection in her wet bathing suit. I think that problem doesn't exist...

Wonderful .

Laying out naked on a beach towel is nice while at the beach . But to be able to stand up and openly walk into the water to cool off while still naked is wonderful . Especially when you're able to get away with doing that without getting into...

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Naked 5k Run!

AANR 5k Series As a runner in South Texas I have always wanted to strip down and run naked mostly because I was just hot. As I have learned more about naturism and my love for trail running I have decided to run a naked 5k. I am shooting for Chilly...

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Be careful

I was swimming naked in the pool of a big nude campsite when I got into trouble. Next thing I was being taken by helicopter to the hospital, still naked and with absolutely nothing. I spent the next few days naked in intensive care. Well it gave the...

Nakedly Amazing!

This article and its pics simply scream to be looked over! Bare

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Pleasure/comfort of water

This is one of the reasons I love to go to clothing optional beaches. After laying and relaxing in the sunshine to then be able to walk down to the water's edge and feel the ripples across my feet and then as I safe out further to feel the water...

Christmas skinnidip

Did anyone elsego swimming in the nude on Christmas day? Here I am in the Atlantic ocean (ok - off the south coast of Portugal). I wore the Santa hat as I didn't want to get cold. PS this is my profile pic on facebook.


It's time to get wet again now the summer is starting.

Navarre Beach

I have Th, Sa & Su off, anyone going to Navarre Beach?