Naked Massage

Naked Massage Group is for people to Massage in the Nude; And for those who prefer to be Massaged Nude. Good Topic, and discussion. Have Practised Massage for well over 20 Years, both with Vanity Towels and Nude.

nude full body massage

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it's the best way to relax in the evening or wake up in the morning. I enjoy exploring other peoples bodies with my hands. I like someone to touch me all over. not for sex. It's a great ice breaker too.

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RE:nude full body massage

We agree that couples sharing nude massage is an awesome to way to share great new experiences. We are skilled in 4 hand and 6 hand massage modalities.
If you never experienced this you are in for a wonderful experience.
T and A
Trisha and Al

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RE:nude full body massage

We both love full body nude massage. Recently we went to a vacation in a nude resort in Indonesia and spent 5 days totally ude 24x7. We had full nude body massage with oil every day a hour before the lunch. It was almost an outdoor setting in garden under a hut with clear view of the garden, pool and kitchen. It was so relaxing that we would fall asleep sometimes. The person massaging was very polite and would do as asked. We asked not to leave any corner of the body untouched. Loved it always.

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RE:nude full body massage

I heartily agree! A nude, and uncovered, massage is the best - give or receive.

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